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What this young wife wants you to know about her life now that she’s married

Okay, I was going to call this blog ‘what every young wife wants you know about her life now that she’s married’ but I can’t speak on behalf of all young wives because maybe they’re not all as cool as me (joking). I can only speak for myself, so now I’ve titled this blog ‘what this young wife wants you to know about her life’.

If you’re a young wife, can you relate?

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Planning an engagement party: what to keep in mind

While planning our engagement party, I was surprised to realise that there is a little bit more organizing that goes into a party like this than what I had expected! Getting quotes for various venues, organising the guest list, deciding on the décor, designing the invitations – just a few of the things I’ve had to think about. I soon realised that planning an engagement party can get out of hand quickly, and that cost of the party can escalate if you aren’t careful! I’ve learned my fair share about planning an engagement party, and I wanted to share some ideas with you on how to plan an engagement party.

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