So much to celebrate on Good Friday

An extended lockdown brings with it uncertainty and fear, but today we choose to celebrate life and give thanks for everything that’s good in our lives.

Last night, our President announced that the lockdown would be extended. Already feeling that next week would be a difficult time, I lay in bed feeling hopeless and worried about what the next 3 weeks will look like.

Before I could continue to ponder on uncertainty and let my anxious thoughts overtake my mind and burden my heart, I started to think about all the things we can be grateful for during this time.

Today, we celebrate Good Friday. Whether you are a believer or not, you would have spent this weekend with family and friends. Maybe you would have had a braai on Easter Sunday, or enjoyed a weekend away with loved ones. Perhaps you would have celebrated with your family at church and enjoyed a family lunch, an Easter egg hunt or enjoyed communion together.

Instead, this weekend will be a quiet one for all of us; a weekend with fewer festivities. And while we may be thinking of what we would have been doing this weekend, I think we can use this time to celebrate all that’s good in our lives.

Our President has made a tough decision to protect our people. This decision means that we will be at home for longer but we will be safe. Some of us may loose our income, but we can give thanks that this will mean fewer infections and the protection of those who are vulnerable and at risk.

We can be grateful that we can still celebrate this special weekend with family members and connect with them thanks to technology. Phone calls and WhatsApp messages will never be the same, but we can still keep in touch.

We can continue to worship and celebrate Easter with online services, devotions, and YouTube and Facebook Live worship sessions. There are many times when technology can have a negative impact on our spiritual lives, but during the lockdown, it has made weekly services possible and this is a blessing – especially during a time when we need encouragement the most.

Arnold and I are grateful that we have a roof over our heads and food to eat, and we are grateful that we can share our resources with others by making donations to the church and other organizations thanks to online banking.

While our reality is very different from the reality of many South Africans, we choose to celebrate life, pray for those whose lives are deeply impacted by the lockdown, and find ways to support those making provisions for the less fortunate. The biggest sacrifice we have to make is not being able to go for a walk, go shopping, host a braai, and visit friends and family.

In the end, we know this is a very small price to pay and that we have so much more to be grateful for on this Good Friday.

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