Lee Duru is encouraging us to love our bodies back

I attended Lee Duru Lifestyle’s first ‘Love Your Body Back’ event and I was so encouraged by the message she shared with us. Keep reading to learn more about Lee’s wellness-based social movement and why she’s encouraging us to love our bodies back.

When Lee Duru messaged me on Instagram to invite me to her first ‘Love Your Body Back’ event, I was over the moon! I’ve been following her wellness journey online, and I’m always so encouraged by the message she has to share.

Lee’s ‘Love Your Body Back’ series will focus on nutrition, mindfulness and movement. The best part about the series is that, besides the fact that it’s informative and factual, it’s really real. All three of these topics are close to Lee’s heart and they play an important role in her own journey towards living a healthy lifestyle.

The focus of the first event, which took place at Weylandts in Port Elizabeth a few weeks ago, was nutrition. Lee was joined by Dr Margo de Kooker, a Nutrition & Functional Medicine Specialist, and together they shared why it’s important to love your body back and give your body everything it needs to operate optimally.

Lee shared her story, including the defining moment when she decided that enough was enough, and that she was ready to fight for her body and her health. If you’re currently on your own wellness journey, I’d encourage you to attend the next event. Lee’s story is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to change your lifestyle, and that there’s power in sharing our stories (sorry, no spoilers! You need to hear her story in her own words- check out her Facebook page for info on the next event).

Lee and Dr Margo de Kooker explained that the best way to avoid eating foods that aren’t good for your body is to cook – ’cause when you cook, you know exactly what you’re putting into your food and what you’re putting into your mouth. To encourage us to get in the kitchen and start cooking, each guest was gifted with a foodie goodie bag from Waterfront SuperSpar, which included some delicious veggies and spices.

Lee also shared her own guide on how to replace foods and ingredients with unnecessary and harmful chemicals (including colourants, preservatives, flavour enhancers and sweeteners) with healthy alternatives. Every guest received a laminated copy that can go up on the fridge for easy reference. Some of her ‘swop this for this’ suggestions include:

  • swopping conventional spices (e.g. braai salt) for natural herbs and spices (e.g. Himalayan crystal salt, turmeric, garlic)
  • swopping processed meats (e.g. viennas, nuggets) for real meat
  • swopping starches (e.g. bread, potatoes, pasta) for vegetables (roasted vegetables, cauliflower mash, sweet potatoes)
  • swopping sugary desserts for plain yoghurt with berries and nuts

My favourite thing about Lee’s approach to healthy living is that it’s balanced. While her desire is to exercise, get fit, and eat a healthy diet, her heart is to learn to love her body back – and show others that they can learn to do the same, too.

Lee and Dr Margo had so much to share that I couldn’t possibly share it all here! If you’re interested in what these ladies have to share, I’d encourage you to attend the next event (keep an eye on Lee’s Facebook page for more info).

You can follow Lee’s journey on Facebook and Instagram. She’ll also be sharing her journey in ‘Loving Your Body Back’, her very own web series on YouTube – don’t forget to subscribe!

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