Review: Body Stress Release in Port Elizabeth

Waldo Brits, the owner of Body Stress Release (BSR) in Port Elizabeth, invited me to his practice to experience Body Stress Release, a natural technique used to relieve body stress and help the body heal itself naturally. In this blog, I share what BSR is, how it works, what to expect during a BSR session, and my experience at Waldo’s practice.

Before Waldo introduced me to BSR, I had never heard of the practice. To get a better idea of what BSR entails, I looked up BSR online and came across the Body Stress Release website, which describes the practice as the following:

The Body Stress Release technique is built on the premise of using the body as highly sophisticated biofeedback system. The practitioner interprets the body’s reflex response to accurately ascertain sites of stored tension and muscle contraction. Once the source of the body stress has been identified, the practitioner performs the release with a series of gentle precise movements that stimulate the nervous system and activate the body’s self healing response.

Waldo invited me to experience three sessions at his practice to help heal my tension headaches, which I’ve struggled with since the beginning of this year. While BSR is used to help heal tension headaches and back pain, I asked Waldo what other pain BSR can heal and the types of patients he assists. He frequently assists people with lower back and pelvic pain, neck pain, pins and needles, numbness, migraines and tension headaches, shoulder and hip pain, and fibromyalgia.

Besides the fact that Waldo is passionate about helping others with their pain, he is passionate about this method because it has helped him with his own pain. After his wife visited a BSR practitioner, she encouraged him to visit a BSR practice as she believed it would help him with his back pain and she told him she could see him doing this for a living. Not long after this, Waldo decided to open his own practice in Port Elizabeth. He believes in BSR because it is something has worked for him and his family.

During my first session, I explained my history of tensions headaches to Waldo, and after an examination, he said he could feel quite a bit of tension in the spots causing me pain (mainly my neck, shoulders and lower back). During this session, Waldo used a series of movements to unlock the tension in my body. The easiest way for me to describe what these movements feel like is to say that it felt like someone pressing down on my back with their thumbs. Most of these movement are quite hard but the treatment is not painful, and at times it felt more like a massage. Waldo also used gentle movements during the session, lightly pressing on different parts of my back. Overall, my first experience was relaxing, and it felt like a combination of a session at a chiropractor (without the spinal manipulation) and a physiotherapist.

After an examination at the beginning of my second session, Waldo could feel that my muscles were less tense, but that there was still work to be done. The second session, which was three days after the first session, was similar to the first appointment. I started to feel a difference after this session, but it was the third that really made a difference.

A week after my second session, I visited Waldo again, and this time, he said that he could hardly feel tension in the spots that had been so tense when I first met with him. The third session was the most helpful for me, and it was after this that my headaches that started to go away, and the tension in my shoulders and neck had been greatly reduced.

It’s been a week since my last BSR session, and my headaches are almost gone, and there is very little tension in my neck and shoulders. I’ve visited a chiropractor and a physiotherapist in the past when I’ve had tension headaches, and BSR has helped me just as much as the other methods have. If you struggle with similar pain, I would recommend the BSR sessions if you’ve found that a visit to the chiropractor or physiotherapist has helped you, but you’re looking for a solution that is more affordable. BSR is also something to try if you’ve found that chiropractic therapy and physiotherapy hasn’t helped you with your pain.

For more information and to book your BSR session with Waldo Brits, visit the Body Stress Release Port Elizabeth, Mill Park Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Body Stress Release a non-therapeutic and non-diagnostic method. Please consult your medical practitioner before visiting a chiropractor, physiotherapist or BSR practitioner.

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