Birthday party

It’s our birthday month! What’s on our birthday wish list?

It’s our birthday month! Take a look at our birthday wish list.

Arnold and I will be celebrating our birthday on 22 October.

Yep, you read that correctly. My husband and I share a birthday! This makes the day extra special.

This year, we wanted to do something big for our birthday, but since this was a busy year for us and we had some big wedding and honeymoon expenses, we decided that it would be best to do something simple for our birthday.

If you’re planning a birthday for your partner, or you and your partner also share a birthday, let our birthday wish list inspire you to find something fun and exciting to do to celebrate the special occasion.

Birthday dinner

I think this is our favourite experience on the wish list and the one we’re going to opt for this year! I’ve been looking for restaurants in Port Elizabeth that we can visit, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to share your favourite restaurants with us.

Picnic at home

We’ve done this before, and it’s one of the best (and most affordable) options for a birthday treat or date night. I usually set the picnic up in the lounge, where I lay out all our eats on a blanket, and then we tuck into our picnic while we watch a rom-com on Netflix. As long as we’ve got champagne, I’m a happy picnicker!

Movie night

Thanks to Netflix, we can enjoy a movie night at home. If we ever decide to do this for our birthday, I’ll make sure I’ve got popcorn, wine gums and chocolate in the cupboard, and wine in the fridge. Our favourite Netflix movies at the moment include Wine Country, Bridget Jones’s Diary (seriously, Arnold loves the trilogy!), To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Dirty Dancing and A Christmas Prince.

Spa day at home

This one is easy for me to plan because I’ve always got face masks on hand. My idea of a spa day at home includes face masks, body scrub, scented candles, and wine. It doesn’t hurt to put together a ‘chill time’ playlist to listen to while you enjoy your pamper party.

For birthdays, are you and your partner big on gifts or experiences? Let me know how you like to celebrate your big day, and what you do to spoil your better half when it’s their birthday!

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