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Good news for PE: The clever ready-made meal that reduces food waste has arrived in the Bay

I attended the media launch of FifFiS at Villa Tuscana in Port Elizabeth on Monday, 2 September, where I learnt more about how the programme aims to reduce food waste globally and here in our city.

Did you know that one third of the food produced globally each year is never eaten? Now think about energy, money, water and labour that went into producing this food. Those resources were wasted producing food that never made it to your plate.

What if I told you that there’s a programme that has found a way to reduce food waste, encourage sustainability in the food service industry and help eliminate world hunger? The programme that has successfully found a way to do all of this, and produce tasty meals while doing it, is FifFiS, a member of the global food network Romy Foods.

What is FifFiS?

FifFiS is a food service that provides ready-made meals delivered in unique Torus Pack containers. This service is available to guesthouses, hospitals, restaurants and companies in the hospitality industry.

As you can see in the photograph below, the easy-to-open meal tray includes an individual meal that can easily be heated using a microwave or ISECO oven and plated by removing the base and lifting the plastic container.

With the easy-to-open meal tray, it’s easy to plate and present each meal perfectly.

How is FifFiS reducing food waste?

Our modern food system poses a big threat to nature, as it uses 69% of the continent’s water and 34% of our land. Around the world there has been a call to reduce waste and increase sustainability, and one of the biggest ways we can do this is by reducing food waste.

Every year, one third of the food produced globally is never eaten, and this food ends up in landfills, where it is unable to decompose and releases greenhouse gases. We waste approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food every year, which means that food waste is putting immense strain on the environment.

So how do frozen meals reduce food waste? By mass producing frozen ready-made meals, no food is spoiled or damaged during transportation and the shelf life of the food increases and no ingredients go to waste. On top of this, the FifFiS meals are precisely portioned, which means that the meals leave guests satisfied and no food is returned to the kitchen.

A Meal for a Meal

FifFiS has a Zero Food Waste vision, which inspired the company to create the Romy Foods global food programme A Meal for a Meal in 2016. The food programme’s goal is to defeat global hunger by reducing food waste around the world and sharing this extra food with those who need it. For every gram of food waste FifFiS eliminates, they reinvest one gram where it is needed. The food waste eliminated by one meal is enough make one fresh meal for a child who needs food. Through A Meal for a Meal, FifFiS is able to feed 2000 primary school children in Uganda and has already provided this community with almost one million meals.

At the media launch, it was announced that the global food programme will be expanding to South Africa, where children in the Jacksonville area will be supported by A Meal for a Meal. The programme will sponsor meals for 1700 children and adults every month.

Putting the frozen meals to the test

On Monday, I had the opportunity to taste some of the FifFiS ready-made meals, including their lasagna, penne, paella and spaghetti dishes. The proof in the pudding is in the eating, and these ready-made meals tasted just as delicious as a home-cooked meal. I never would have guessed that the food had been taken out the freezer and heated up in the kitchen minutes before I had eaten it.

Through a simple and convenient meal service that provides delicious, ready-made meals, FifFiS is reducing food waste around the world and sharing the surplus with communities who need it.

For more information about FifFiS, visit

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