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What this young wife wants you to know about her life now that she’s married

Okay, I was going to call this blog ‘what every young wife wants you know about her life now that she’s married’ but I can’t speak on behalf of all young wives because maybe they’re not all as cool as me (joking). I can only speak for myself, so now I’ve titled this blog ‘what this young wife wants you to know about her life’.

If you’re a young wife, can you relate?

No, I did not get married young so that I could start popping out babies

I married this man because I love him, not because I’m ready get to start having babies! Everyone has their own timeline of when they want to get married, have children (all of those adult things) and our timeline doesn’t involve having children now that we’re married. That being said, this is something most people understand. Our family are also very supportive when it comes to this, and they have encouraged us to enjoy married life and focus on our careers before any Baby Brands arrive.

Yes, I can still drink a whole bottle of red wine by myself

Yep, I still like to wine down every now and then! I enjoy going out for drinks on the weekend, ‘lekker kuiers’ at braais, and sipping gin and tonics with my girlfriends on the weekend. So don’t be surprised if you bump into me at a wine show or gin tasting. But that being said, I always drink responsibly (because there’s housework to do the next day, and who can do that with a red wine headache?).

Yes, I still like to do things on my own and with friends

My friends were there way before I met my husband. And while I do need to put our needs as a couple first, and make sure I’m always there for Arnold when he needs me, a girl needs to get out sometimes. And you
know what? My husband needs some ‘me time’ too! Don’t forget to take care of the person your partner fell in love with in the first place. And every now and again, we deserve a girl’s night, right?

No, I do not take responsibility for all the housework and cleaning because I am the wife

I don’t think many of you think this, but there are some Sheilas and Meryls married to Toms and Harrys who ask me what’s for supper, and how I’m getting on with the housework. Like, hello, that’s not my job as a wife, sirs and madams! We’re partners, which means that we both take responsibility for cleaning, grocery shopping and looking after our home. In fact, I asked Arnold to teach me how to iron clothes and how to clean a toilet because I had no idea how to do either – take that, Mary!

But yes, I do make my husband sandwiches in the morning

This man is so good at so many things, but feeding himself is not one of them! I went away for work for 3 nights and this man ate a burger from a different fast food restaurant every night while I was away. Preparing food is something that I really enjoy doing, and I take pleasure in knowing that the reason why he is alive and well is because of my sandwiches (you’re welcome, Arnold). A lot of partners are surprised when I mention that I make Arnold’s lunch, but let me tell you a little secret – it’s my way of getting out of cleaning the toilet (and I tell him it’s a compromise – everyone wins!).

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