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6 months later: What we’ve learned about planning a wedding so far

We’ve been engaged for almost six months, and so far, we’ve learned our fair share about what it takes to plan a wedding! As we near the six month mark, I thought I’d share a piece on what we’ve learned and offer some advice to couples planning a wedding.

Get everything done as early on as possible

You’ll be a lot less stressed, it will give you more time to remember to book suppliers you had forgotten about, and you’ll get (most) of the suppliers you want. Arnold and I have been so lucky to book most of the suppliers whose work we admire, and most times when we’ve spoken to suppliers, they’ve mentioned that brides often leave everything to the last minute, only for the supplier to have to tell them that they’re fully booked or no longer available, leaving the bridal couple disappointed. Some of the most important items and services to secure first include the venue, your wedding dress (especially if it is being tailor-made for you), your photographer, and your flower and decor coordinator. I enquired for a photographer 9 months before the date of our wedding, and two of our choices were already booked! And the flower and decor service provider we booked takes a limited number of bookings a year. Before you do anything else, make sure you’ve got these four important must-haves booked. 

Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion

It really is your day, and this special day should reflect the heart of the couple. If you want to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage while a mariachi band plays the wedding march as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom dressed in a powder blue tuxedo with a ruffled shirt, but your friends veto it, don’t listen to them – just go for it! If it’s within your budget and within reason, and it won’t harm or kill anyone, dare to dream and go after what your heart desires.

But don’t get your back up when they do share their opinion

They’re just trying to help! In situations where you feel like those closest to you are sharing each and every one of their thoughts and opinions and it’s overwhelming, don’t get your back up. The odds are good that they’re trying to help you by sharing their opinions! Your friends and family understand that planning a wedding and making lots of decisions can be overwhelming, so by sharing their ideas, they’re just trying to make this journey a little bit easier for you! Your loved ones want your wedding to be every bit as magical as you want it to be. You may feel that they are trying to push their ideas on you, but hear them out – they may have ideas that you like, or some that will inspire you to come up with your own.

Try to be as organised as possible

Easier said than done, but this one has made the wedding planning journey a lot more manageable. Every now and again, I get these great bursts of energy, and in these moments I find that I’m super organised and on-the-ball. And then I get lax and I forget which suppliers I’ve booked, who I’ve told what, and what documents I’ve filed where on my computer. Instead of getting frustrated, I make the most of those short-lived bursts and I get as much work done as I can; I organise the wedding-related documents and files, and I make a list of everything I haven’t yet done. This means that when I’m feeling lazy and unmotivated to get started on wedding planning again, I can start with an organised list and a tidy system, making it easier and less stressful to get started again.

Don’t stress!

As one of the biggest worriers in my family, this is the best bit of wisdom I can give to you. I stress about everything, but planning a wedding has (so far) not had me flustered for one moment. My secret? I had a pep talk with myself before I could let anything or anyone get in my head. The subject of the topic? Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to work out. 

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