Making Micra Waves at Mandela Bay Fashion Week

Imagine spending the day driving around town in a brand new car, posing for a photo shoot on the beach, indulging in good food and sweet treats, before being pampered, and heading to Nelson Mandela Bay’s very own fashion week?

Well, that was the day I was treated to on Thursday courtesy of Nissan Ride and Drive Do Your Thing.

A while ago, I was invited by Nissan to join a group of girls to attend the Nissan Ride and Drive Do Your Thing to celebrate local blogger Yellow Orchid Child aka Amanda Klaas’s collaboration with Nissan Eastern Cape as a guest ambassador.

The day was mapped out in the invitation – we would spend the day driving around Port Elizabeth in the Nissan Micra Active, stop by Grass Roof for refreshments, and then travel to Total Concept to have our hair and makeup done for the big event of the day – day one of Mandela Bay Fashion Week.

Our first stop on the road was Noordhoek beach, where Chris from Eastern Cape Motors snapped some before pictures of the girls, so that we could have some pre-makeover photos! Despite the blustery weather, we managed to get some decent photographs!

Before our pamper session, we stopped by Grass Roof for a quick bite to eat, and we were treated to delicious platters of mini burgers, wraps, chicken kebabs, and an assortment of desserts, as well as refreshing drinks – all of which were much needed after being blown away on the beach! I live by the principle that your food should always be colourful, so you can only imagine the heart eyes I had when this cornucopia of fare was placed before me!

After eating an abundance of food – more than enough to keep us going for the rest of the day – it was time to make our way to Total Concept. This time, it was my turn to drive the Nissan Micra Active. I’m not going to lie – as a nervous driver, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not! Halfway down the William Moffet Expressway, there was no one who could have stopped me from driving! The Nissan Micra Active is an easy drive, and its small, light frame makes it easy to manoeuvre narrow streets and busy roads. Despite getting lost along the way, we made it to Total Concept in one piece proving that there was no need for me to be nervous driving this cute but impressive car!

When we arrived at Total Concept, we were welcomed by their friendly staff, handed glasses of champagne, and rushed to the hair and makeup stations to get ready. Sitting in the salon seat, I had no idea what look I was going for, but both the expert hairstylist and makeup artist suggested styles to go with my outfit, and the final result was amazing! I loved both my low braided crown, and my subtle, yet glamorous, soft, brown smokey eye makeup. All of the girls looked phenomenal, and the Total Concept staff treated us like queens!

And finally, after everyone’s hair and makeup was done, and the after photos taken by Chris, we were ready to head to our final destination – the Tramways Building for Mandela Bay Fashion Week! I may not be an expert on fashion, but I was blown away by the garments on display. Nelson Mandela Bay is home to some of the country’s most talented designers and conceptual thinkers, and it was an honour to be exposed to their spectacular designs!

I would like to thank Stephanie and her team from Eastern Cape Motors for organizing a flawless event. I loved every moment of the day, and driving the Nissan Micra Active was a great experience!

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