The Blogging Bride Diaries: The Big Wedding Wake-Up Call

Before you read this blog, let me tell you this – I tend to be paranoid, a little dramatic and I’m known for my grand overreactions, so maybe I’m not as disorganised as I feel. But in my head, I’ve been feeling a little bit disorganised, and wedding planning has been slow this month. At one point, I even put off looking at my to-do list (which ironically was an item waiting to be ticked off my to-do list)!

Sometimes when there is so much to be done, it just feels easier to not deal with the situation at all – know what I mean? But, as the title of this month’s The Blogging Bride Diaries suggests, I got a bit of a wake-up call recently when my bridal party and I went to our first wedding expo! Meeting so many suppliers, from wedding cake creators, to dressmakers, wedding planners, caterers, florists and even an attorney (in the words of Kanye West: “We want prenup!”), I realised that there is still a helluva lot that still needs to be done! Sometimes I feel like a broken record, and I’m pretty sure I have deja vu, because I definitely mentioned this in last month’s blog, but seriously – I feel like there is an insurmountable task ahead of me! And then some days, I feel like I’ve got this whole wedding planning thing down to a T.

Before I have a meltdown thinking about the chaos of the wedding planning storm in my head, let me tell you how I came to realise the road that lies ahead, the fun we had at Wedstock, and how I managed to get my A into G at the very end of the month.

a bit of bridal fun at Wedstock

A few Saturdays ago, my mom, bridesmaids and I hit the open road and made our way to Slipperfields, a premier wedding venue just outside Port Elizabeth, to attend our very first wedding expo – Wedstock 2018! In the weeks following the expo, we were all excited to finally head to a wedding event together. It didn’t take much to convince my bridesmaids to join me at Wedstock – the promise of a beauty workshop and gin cocktails was more than enough to entice us all! When we arrived, we had a quick look at the wedding supplier stalls before popping in at the Beauty Workshop 101 Wed Talk, where Beauty by Teané and Rhodè from LUSH Photography touched on the topics of wedding photography and honeymoon makeup. Next, it was on to the expo stalls to chat to wedding suppliers and collect contacts for the big day. After gushing over wedding dresses, admiring the beautiful work of wedding photographers, and tasting cupcake and cake flavours, it was time for a Slipperfields lunch and craft gin cocktails from Honeybox.

The wake-up call & getting my big bride butt into gear

After the wedding expo, I realised that there are still so many things that I need to do. Up until now, my to-do list had included all the big, important things to be organised, but there are so many details that never crossed my mind! My wake-up call was the push I needed to get back into the swing of things. I’ve finally finished the design for the save-the-dates, I’ve booked a DJ, we’ve started chatting about our vision for the wedding cake and I met with Heather from Chocolates for Breakfast to discuss bridesmaid dresses.

To get my bride butt into gear, I’ve drawn inspiration from some of Majestic Weddings‘ online articles, and I’ve found some stunning bridesmaid dress ideas. I’ve always liked the idea of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, so this article on how to implement the mismatched bridesmaid dress concept was really helpful. The colour scheme for the wedding is blush and white with lots of fresh greenery to add colour to the wedding, and because Arnold has gifted me with protea flowers throughout our relationship, we’ve decided to incorporate protea flowers in the bouquets and centrepieces.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice and everyone gets to a wear a dress that looks good on them. Credit: Majestic Weddings

Majestic Weddings also did a feature on romantic dusty pink weddings, and the feature suggested that this colour can be paired with protea flowers. I’ve added the stunning dusty pink mood board from the article to my inspiration board as colour inspiration for my bridesmaid dresses.

dusty pink mood board

A dusty pink inspiration board – a pretty colour perfect for bridesmaid dresses! Credit: Majestic Weddings


Despite the wake-up call, I think we’re doing an okay job of putting together a wedding, right?

My theory: we’ll find out on our wedding day!

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