The Zuurberg Mountains and a zest for life at Zuurberg Mountain Village

Every now and then, you need to step back, get away from it all so that you can breath and find your zest for life again. That’s exactly what my family and I did a few weekends ago when we packed our bags and swapped a weekend in the city of PE for a weekend of fresh air in Addo.

My family and I headed to Zuurberg Mountain Village for our last holiday as a family of four, so this one was special for all of us. ‘Headed’ is the perfect word to use to describe the climb up the Zuurberg Pass to get to the hotel! The ‘trek’ up the Zuurberg Pass is quite intimidating, because it’s a steep drive up a narrow dust road. That being said, the view as you climb the mountain is phenomenal, and if you’re lucky enough to travel as a passenger, you get to take it all in along the way!

Before we could check in to the hotel (our check in time was two o’clock, which left us with the morning to do an activity), we started the day at Addo Elephant National Park, where we enjoyed spotting elephants and a variety of wildlife. Because the park is a 30-minute drive from the hotel, we could enjoy a full day of game viewing before journeying to Zuurberg Mountain Village. If you ever book a stay at the hotel, keep this in mind, because a drive through the park is always fun!

Addo Elephant Park

Just a little bit windy at Addo Elephant National Park!

An awesome sight! Not called a dazzle for nothing!

We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon, checked in and sauntered up the hill with our bags to our Zuurberg Village cottage. These beautiful cottages are quaint and comfortable, with the most amazing views of the valley from the private patio. My sister and I shared a twin room with an en-suite bathroom, which opens out to an outdoor shower that features the same breathtaking valley view.

Addo sky view

The beautiful view of the sunset from our front door

At the time that we were staying at Zuurberg Mountain Village, the hotel was running a winter special which included dinner, bed and breakfast, so in the evening we made our way to the manor house, where we enjoyed a glass of red wine by a warm fire in the lounge before dinner. Our dinner was a soup starter, a main of lamb, chicken and beef, and vegetables. We dessert, we had a choice of lemon meringue, chocolate brownie, creme brûlée, ice-cream, and a few other sweet treats. I think that it is safe to say that dessert was the highlight of our evening!

It may be height of winter, but that evening we were all warm and snug in our beds, which had been prepared with warm winter blankets and bedding – something good to know before you arrive, as the Zuurberg Mountains can be rather chilly in winter.

Our good night’s rest was followed by breakfast at the manor house, and our cooked breakfast, and fruit and yoghurt was a good way to end our stay.

Zuurberg Mountain Village is the ideal spot for a relaxing getaway for a number of reasons – WiFi is only available in the main lounge, there are no TVs in the rooms, and there isn’t much to do at the hotel except relax, take in the view, and enjoy the moments of peace and quiet surrounded by the magnificent mountains. While we only stayed at the hotel for a day, those 24 hours of ‘chill time’ did us good!

If you’re living in the Eastern Cape and you need to get away for a weekend, here are a few reasons to book a stay at Zuurberg Mountain Village:

  • Zuurberg Mountain Village is ideal for a quick getaway, as the hotel is a one-and-a-half-hour drive from PE
  • There’s not much to do at the hotel, making it the perfect spot for a holiday of rest and relaxation (and if you would like to do something, you can visit their spa, where you can enjoy some more R&R)
  • With Addo Elephant National Park on the hotel’s doorstep, you can easily plan a day trip/picnic to the park during your stay

Zuurberg Mountain Village has a number of game drive packages on offer if you’re looking for an all-encompassing Addo experience.

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