The Blogging Bride Diaries: The Big Wedding Wake-Up Call

Before you read this blog, let me tell you this – I tend to be paranoid, a little dramatic and I’m known for my grand overreactions, so maybe I’m not as disorganised as I feel. But in my head, I’ve been feeling a little bit disorganised, and wedding planning has been slow this month. At one point, I even put off looking at my to-do list (which ironically was an item waiting to be ticked off my to-do list)!

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Tayla Tastes: Breakfast at Groundfloor Cafe in Richmond Hill

Port Elizabethans are well acquainted with Stanley Street and its fare – from the cocktail concoctions at Salt, to the woodfire pizzas of Angelos, and the tasty tapas on offer at Two Olives. With so many restaurants to choose from, I find it difficult to stray from the options I’m so comfortable with, and explore the rest of the street in search of something new – and perhaps a new favourite to find foodie comfort in.  

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Nelson Mandela Bay

10 reasons why locals love Nelson Mandela Bay

Last week, I attended the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism Members ‘Tourism Experiences’ Workshop at Broughton Country Estate. The event brought together some of the best of the best in the tourism industry in the Bay, and it was a great opportunity to meet people who are excited about tourism in our city. The workshop was facilitated by Shaun van Eck a.k.a. The Tourism Coach, and during the workshop, he posed the following question to us: “What attracts visitors to Nelson Mandela Bay?” After a brief discussion, some of the delegates shared what they think attracts holidaymakers to the bay, and it made me realise how much Nelson Mandela Bay natives love their city!

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