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Review of my January Goals

I shared my goals for January in a blog post at the beginning of the year and I promised to share feedback at the end of the month. Did I achieve my goals? Uh…kind of! Will I continue to set goals for 2020? Keep reading…

At the beginning of January, I shared my goals for the first month of the year with you. I shared that the heart behind setting monthly goals is to create good habits, starting with small, attainable goals, rather than creating New Year’s resolutions that I probably wouldn’t achieve – something that would make me feel crap rather than good about the new year.

Let’s take a look at what happened in January…

Goal 1: Drink more water

I’m so happy to share that…I did it! I drank more water in January – and made lots of trips to the bathroom at work as a result (sorry – TMI!). My goal was to drink two litres of water a day, and in the end, I was drinking a litre before lunch, and one litre after lunch. I love drinking water, but I did drink one or two energy drinks and a coke at work too. But I’m leaving those sugary drinks behind in January!

Goal 2: Go to the gym three times a week

Two words – epic fail! While I was able to get to the gym two times I week, I only went to gym on the weekend and I didn’t make time for gym in the week. I also had a cold in the middle of the month which didn’t help. In February, I want to set aside time in the week to go to gym.

Goal 3: Wake up at 5am every day

I started off strong, setting alarms to go off between 4:45 and 5:30, but towards the end of the month, I found myself waking up most days at 5:45 with little to no time to do all the things I need/want to do before work (enjoy a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, read my daily devotional and make work lunches without having to rush around).

So, how am I feeling about my January goals?

I’m feeling a little bit disappointed. I’m really glad that I achieved my first goal, but I want to be more intentional about the other two in February. I’ll be sharing my February goals later this week, and I’m glad that I’ve got a second chance to create good habits – and hopefully stick to them.

Did you set small goals for yourself in January? Did you achieve your goals? What good habits would you like to adopt in February? Feel feel to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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