Breathe, boss babe. It’s time to take a break.

If you’re a working girl building a brand, a blog, or your own business, and you’re in desperate need of a break (but feel too guilty to take time out for yourself), you need to read this blog post. Plus, there’s a surprise waiting for you at the end – something that may be the answer to your prayers and the sign you’ve been waiting for…

Everyone needs to take a break at some point. But when you’re working full-time, building your reputation as a creative, or using every spare moment to work on your business ideas, taking a break may seem like an impossible dream!

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

That ‘impossible dream’ is exactly what you need right now! At a time when life is crazy busy, you’re all out of inspiration, and you can’t seem to remember why you started blogging/building a brand in the first place, rest is just what the doctor ordered.

When my job or side hustle becomes overwhelming , I feel the need to throw myself into my work, put in more hours and work harder to restore balance. But I’ve come to realise that taking a break gives me time to take a deep breath, rediscover the reason why I’m passionate about my job/brand/blog, and find the inspiration I need to work hard to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

But the scary part about taking a break is that you feel like a failure. You feel weak. You feel like you’re not the #BossBabe you thought you were. But guess what? You’re not alone. There’s a group of women in Port Elizabeth (and around the world) who are in the same boat as you. And they want to connect with you and share their stories of facing fear and achieving breakthrough at a one-of-a-kind retreat at the end of the month.

This group is known as Future Females, an online community of women from around the world who want to connect, inspire, support and collaborate with other like-minded women who are passionate about growing their business/brand/blog.

This month, Future Females is inviting the women of the Bay to set aside one weekend to attend the Future Females Women’s Retreat with Sehaam Bateman, a life strategist and creator of FEAR-AFRICA (Face Everything & Rise) . At the retreat, which is taking place from the 25th to 27th of October, Sehaam will be sharing her expertise and advice on how to face your fears, address self-limiting beliefs and get out of your own way. Besides a weekend of breakthrough, you can expect to enjoy yoga, good food and great company at the retreat, which will be taking place at Broughton County Estate – a truly beautiful venue that gives you that living-in-the-country-but-five-minutes-away-from-the-city kind of feeling.

If you’re a boss babe in desperate need of a break, and you have a desire to face your fears, rejuvenate your spirit and find inspiration, take a moment to check out the programme for the retreat. Maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for and the step you need to take to face your fears and rise again.

To book your ticket for the Future Females Women’s Retreat, follow this link to book on Quicket or contact Fadia at for more information.

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