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Self-care after marriage: why it’s important

Self-care: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

Everyone has their own definition of self-care. For some, it’s taking care of your metal health and taking time out to rest your mind. For others, it’s about finding time to pamper yourself, and looking after your physical appearance by doing yoga, pilates or going for a walk.

I have my own version of self-care and my own way of looking care of my mental, emotional and physical well-being. But after marriage, I found that I was no longer prioritising time for self-care. The transition from living with my family to living with someone else and having to look after our home was overwhelming at first, and it took time for me to find a new routine and get to all the cooking, cleaning, shopping and other housework.

Five months later, I’ve found my feet and rediscovered the importance of self-care. I’ve made time in my busy schedule to improve my mental, emotional and physical health. In this blog, I’ve shared five things I do to improve my health, and these are things that work for me and my lifestyle.

Pamper day at home

There’s nothing better than a DIY pamper day at home. It doesn’t cost you as much as going to the salon or spa for a facial or massage, and you get to take care of your appearance in the comfort of your home. I love to take care of my skin, so I like to get myself some face masks from Clicks, and for my feet, I like to get a foot mask. If you like to get your nails done, save yourself some money and give yourself a manicure and a pedicure at home after your face mask. Hair care if also important to me now that I’ve gone blonde again, so I always keep a hair mask in my cupboard for my pamper session.

Get your nails done

If you’ve got the money to get a professional to do your nails, find a spot in the week for some ‘me time’ and book a nail appointment at your favourite nail bar. When I want to treat myself, I book a manicure and pedicure at Sorbet, but at the moment, my budget is a little bit tight, so I’m going to try and do my nails at home. I’ve got my eye on some Sorbet manicure tools, which will make it easier for me to treat myself to a manicure at home.

Book a massage

For a moment of peace and quiet, where you are left with nothing but your thoughts and you can fall in and out of sleep for one uninterrupted hour, book a full body massage. Besides the fact that it makes you feel better physically, it also gives you the chance to ‘switch off’. A full body massage always leaves me feeling sleepy and it forces me to go home and take a nap afterwards – something I am sometimes reluctant to do when I know I have lots of work to do.

Go for a walk

Exercise is something I’ve been struggling with since we got married. I don’t always have time to go to the gym anymore, which is why walking is something I’ve started doing in the afternoons and on the weekend. I’ve found that it’s a great way to get out and escape for a bit, even if it’s just for 20 or 30 minutes. I like to walk with my husband because it gives us the chance to connect without any distractions (TV, social media, work). Walking also gives me a mental break, and when I walk, I give myself the chance to think about anything other than work, my to do list, and the things I need to do around the house.

Listen to a motivational talk

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that Brene Brown is my all-time favourite motivational speaker/life coach/boss babe! When I’m having a bad day, or I need a word of encouragement, I watch Brene Brown: The Call to Courage on Netflix and it is an instant pick-me-up. I also enjoy watching and listening to Dr. Caroline Leaf‘s videos, but in this day and age, you’ll find a host of motivational talks and speakers online if this is something you’d like to incorporate in your self-care routine (TedTalks are a great place to start).

Do you have a self-care routine or a set of activities you do to improve your mental, emotional and physical health? Let me know – I’d love for you to share your self-care tips with me.

Disclaimer: I am not a counsellor or psychologist. All thoughts expressed in this blog are my own. If you need to talk to a counsellor or psychologist about your self-care journey, please visit this link.

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