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Pink lattes + girl talk at Port Elizabeth’s very own tea lounge

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining some of the city’s local bloggers and influencers for an afternoon of tea at Port Elizabeth’s new must-visit spot for tea – Conquer Café and Tea Lounge. The ladies of Conquer invited us to join them for a tasting of their pink lady latte, and to chat about the heart behind Conquer.

Restaurants like Conquer Café and Tea Lounge pop up in Port Elizabeth every once in a while, and with them they bring something so unique to our small, yet busy city. So what makes Conquer special? The tea lounge has this magical way of transporting you to a whimsical tea haven in the heart of a bustling suburb; a paradise with shades of pink, floral accents and pastel decorations.

Through the power of stunning visuals and a pretty online presence, Conquer has quickly captured the attention of locals. And so, I was honoured to meet the ladies behind the success of Conquer when I first visited, and even more surprised when I received an invitation to join them for afternoon tea.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I sat around a table with some of the coolest creatives in our city and sipped a pink lady latte – Conquer’s signature latte topped with roasted marshmallow syrup – while I introduced myself to this group of amazing female content creators who had been invited to taste this fragrant and delicious pink drink.

The owners of Conquer Café and Tea Lounge, Charmaine Jordan and Anri Oosthuizen, shared the heart behind the tea lounge, and their vision for the space. Charmaine shared the story of Conquer, which started as store that sold home and body products, as well as handcrafted ceramics. When Charmaine met Anri, it was the start of something incredible for both of them. They both had a desire to create a special space for the ladies of Port Elizabeth; a sanctuary where women could relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon of tea that would leave them feeling inspired and empowered to conquer anything. This dream soon became a reality when Conquer Café and Tea Lounge opened its doors at the beginning of July. Less than a month later, Charmaine and Anri’s brainchild is already a success, with loyal customers who return to the tea lounge time after time to try new teas (or to savour their favourite drink).

The ladies of Conquer have big plans for this beautiful space. They hope to host a market at the café and tea lounge once a month, with their first one already done and dusted. They also hope to host more events in the future, and their beautiful venue can accommodate 25 people seated. They are also working on plans to create the Conquer Foundation – a skills development programme where Charmaine and Anri hope to educate unemployed individuals in the community and teach them how to create handcrafted ceramics.

Besides the fact that Conquer offers Port Elizabethans a new meeting spot for catch-ups, it also gives us the opportunity to drink something other than coffee. Our city is known for its coffee culture, which is why Conquer’s assortment of teas is refreshing.

If you’re looking for something different to do in The Bay, or you’re simply a tea lover looking for a place to enjoy a cup of tea, pop in at 180 Main Road, Walmer for an extraordinary experience at Conquer Café and Tea Lounge.

Fast facts about Conquer Café and Tea Lounge
  • The café and tea lounge serves a variety of teas and drinks, including loose leaf teas, flavour teas, tea lattes, iced tea lattes and cold brewed teas. They also serve cappuccinos and cold brewed coffee
  • 180 Main Road, Walmer was once the home of Teddy Heaven, a place where some of my fondest mother-daughter memories were made. Today, you can enjoy a big-girl tea party with your mom or your girlfriends and make new memories at Conquer Café and Tea Lounge.
  • The tea lounge’s trading hours are 8am to 3pm from Tuesday to Friday, and 8am to 3pm on Saturday

For more information about Conquer Cafe and Tea Lounge, visit their Facebook page. To see more pictures of their beautiful venue, take a look at my post on Instagram.

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  1. Anri & Charmaine says:

    Wow! This is incredible. Thank you Talya! Such an honour being able to partner with you. Thanks again 😁

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