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Wedding Day Do-Over: What I’d do differently if I could plan my wedding again

My husband and I got married on 16 March 2019. We’ve been married for 3 months, 3 weeks and 2 days (thank goodness for Google! ).

I loved my wedding day, and on the day, everything was perfect! But looking back, there are a few things I’d change if I could. In this blog, I’ve shared a few things I’d do a little bit differently if I could go back in time.

If I could do it all over again, I would:

1. Scrap the printed invitations

You can save a tidy sum by sending your save the dates and wedding invitations via email. While there is something romantic about sending physical invitations to friends and family, it is an easy way to cut costs and save bucks. The other day, I received a beautiful save the date in my inbox. It was perfect, and the best part is I can’t lose it! It’s there, online, and I can refer back to it whenever I need to. There’s no chance of it falling off the fridge and finding a home with the dust bunnies under the fridge. Instead of spending money on printing, I would have asked our graphic designer (shout out to my amazing friend, Charne’ Maclean, who designed all of our wedding stationery – she did an amazing job!) for the digital files to email to our guests.

2. Save the extra money spent on silly extras

I had some silly things on my list of must-haves at the wedding – things I totally didn’t need! If I could go back, I’d forgo some of the more frivolous items and save the money instead. For example, we had an instant camera station at our wedding (which was one of the highlights of the day), but I ordered way too many boxes of film, and in the end, I could have saved quite a bit of money if I had ordered fewer boxes. And because something happens to your brain two weeks before you get married (I’m convinced your hormones go out of whack at this stage), I was indecisive about what earrings to wear, and convinced myself that I needed to buy more than one pair so that I could decided which ones to wear on the day. And so, I bought three pairs, and I’ve only ever worn the pair I wore on the day. I would definitely only buy one pair if I could go back in time!

3. Share my wedding dress shopping experience with my bridesmaids

While there is something special about keeping your dress a secret until the big day, I do wish I had shared this important moment with my bridesmaids. I was fortunate enough to go wedding dress shopping with a friend recently, and it was emotional to see this beautiful bride-to-be in a some of the most breathtaking white gowns. Looking back, I wish I could have shared this moment with my bride tribe. Either way, they loved my dress and the moment they saw it is one I’ll treasure forever. 

4. Sit down in my wedding dress before the final alterations are made

In hindsight, this is a funny story, but it wasn’t funny in the moment! On the Thursday night before the wedding (we got married on the Saturday afternoon), my bridesmaids came over to my house to see my wedding dress. I put the dress on – a beautiful, white mermaid wedding dress – and did a mini fashion show for the girls in the lounge, and then 8 attempted to sit down on the couch. But I couldn’t sit down! In all honesty, I think this is what comes with the territory when you buy a mermaid wedding dress, but I do wish I had tried to sit down in the dress weeks before the big day (we all laugh about this moment now, I promise!).

5. Book a videographer for the big day

I was convinced that I didn’t want a wedding video. I don’t enjoy watching videos of myself, and in my mind, it was just going to be unnecessary expense. After I got married, I watched a beautiful wedding video online, and the video captured every special moment of the day, without being kitsch or over the top. I was in awe of the video, and a small part of me wished I had a video of the significant moments of the day. 

6. Not give a hoot about what people have to say

Honestly, I was pretty good at doing this while planning the wedding. But there were one or two moments where I cared way too much about what people had to say. The best advice I could offer a bride-to-be? Focus on your vision for the big day, and don’t let the opinions of others spoil your fun!

If you could get a wedding day do-over, what would you change about your big day? Let me know in the comments below, or send me a message on social

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