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Recipe Review: Vegetable Breyani

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m on a journey to find new, easy-to-follow recipes that I can make for Arnold and I. Last week, I had shared some of my kitchen fails online, including a disappointing honey and garlic chicken dish, and a lasagna that kind of flopped. I received an abundance of encouraging comments and tips, including a recipe suggestion from my friend and fellow blogger, Melissa of Fox & Owl Media.

Melissa recently started a blog called The Planet Perspective, where she and her husband, Eon, share their ‘journey towards a lighter footprint on the planet’. Here, you’ll find features on environmentally-friendly products and services, vegetarian recipes, and Melissa and Eon’s desire to live an eco-conscious lifestyle.

She currently has two recipes on her website, and I decided that I would try my hand at the vegetable breyani – a meal perfect for a cold Sunday afternoon (you can find the recipe here).

Most of the ingredients for this recipe can be found in your fridge and pantry, which means that this is a great recipe to add to your recipe repertoire for those days when you haven’t got time to go shopping. It’s also simple, quick and easy to make, which is also why I decided to make it on a Sunday afternoon so that I would still have time for my afternoon snooze!

Here are my thoughts on The Planet Perspective’s vegetable breyani:


As I said, you may already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. The only items I didn’t have on hand were the tinned chickpeas, the Knorr Mince Mate Mild Breyani, the frozen peas, carrots, the coriander and chili flakes. Most of the ingredients were missing from our kitchen because we’re still getting the hang of grocery shopping and stocking up of the basics, but if you’re a little bit more domesticated than we are, you shouldn’t have trouble finding what you need at home.

You can find the list of ingredients here.

Preparation and method

If you look at the recipe, you’ll see that it is super easy to make! After you’ve chopped the onions, sliced the carrots, and the coriander, all the hard work is done. As the recipe suggests, you can leave the ingredients to simmer in a pot until the food is ready.

The verdict

The vegetable breyani was an absolute winner! Besides the fact that it was easy to make, it was delicious and filling – even without the meat. The recipe makes quite a large quantity, which means that you can get more than one meal out of the dish (we had enough breyani left for two extra meals). The vegetable breyani is flexible, and you could easily add or substitute vegetables at your will. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this recipe for Meatless Mondays!

Make the most of your leftovers

We enjoyed the leftover breyani on Sunday for lunch, we had leftovers for work on Monday, and on Tuesday, I served the leftovers as a side with our supper. If you have leftovers and would like to add an extra ingredient to mix it up a bit, fry some chopped mushrooms and add them to your meal.

I can’t wait to try more of Melissa’s recipes in the future! If you decide to make the vegetable breyani, let me know – I’d love to know if you enjoyed the recipe as much as I did!

Don’t forget to check out the vegetable breyani recipe on The Planet Perspective’s blog and follow her on Instagram.  

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