Tayla Tastes: Light Lunch at Banneton Bakery & Cafe

This week’s Tayla Tastes took me to Banneton Bakery & Cafe in the heart of Walmer. While this is only the second instalment of my food journey in Port Elizabeth, I may already have found my favourite budget ‘Tayla Tastes’.

Main Road in the leafy suburb of Walmer is flanked by coffee shops and restaurants, and last week, I made a stop at one such coffee shop for a quick, light lunch.

Banneton Bakery & Cafe is a rustic bistro and bakery that serves traditional breakfasts, lunches and dinners, artisan pizzas and freshly made, wood-fire breads. I popped in for a quick lunch during a work day just before pay day, and so I was looking for an affordable lunch and a cup of coffee.

I sat at a table set across from the deli counter, so I got the chance to check out the pastries, and the sweet and savoury tarts on display. While I decided on what to eat, I ordered a flat white and pondered the question of what to order. A plate of quiches caught my eye, and I ordered what I believed was a quiche. But just after I had ordered the quiche, the owner’s wife came over to my table and said that while they looked like small quiches, I had actually ordered a savoury muffin, and that this savoury muffin was a new creation from the kitchen – a new menu item they were experimenting with. She apologised, but I was quite happy to be the informal guinea pig. And when she listed the muffin’s ingredients – sweet potato, red onion, feta, cheddar cheese and zucchini – the combination wholly appealed to my taste buds!

You can order the savoury muffin with or without a salad, and I opted to forgo the salad. Even without the salad, the savoury muffin as a small meal is deliciously satisfying.

quiche and coffee

I enjoyed my quick, light lunch at Banneton for a number of reasons – I was able to get in and out within an hour, my coffee was to my satisfaction, and the savoury muffin was fresh, flavoursome and just enough food to get me through the rest of the day.

Banneton is a great spot for light lunches, hearty meals and good coffee. There is plenty of parking, you can sit inside near the open fire where the breads are prepared and cooked, or outside on the deck under the shade of umbrellas on a sunny day, and you can expect to enjoy a decent meal along with a cup of good coffee or wine in the afternoon.

Side note: If you’re a crockery snob or a shutterbug who likes to take pictures of their food and coffee when dining out, you’ll be happy to know that the bistro and cafe only uses Le Creuset crockery. Your food photo ops are waiting at Banneton!

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