Tayla Tastes: Breakfast at Groundfloor Cafe in Richmond Hill

Port Elizabethans are well acquainted with Stanley Street and its fare – from the cocktail concoctions at Salt, to the woodfire pizzas of Angelos, and the tasty tapas on offer at Two Olives. With so many restaurants to choose from, I find it difficult to stray from the options I’m so comfortable with, and explore the rest of the street in search of something new – and perhaps a new favourite to find foodie comfort in.  

On Women’s Day, my fiancé and I did just that – we decided to try something new. Arnold was reluctant, and therefore I was nervous that we’d be disappointed, as I had chosen the new spot to try. But we were both pleasantly surprised to find that my choice – Groundfloor Cafe – was anything but disappointing.

Groundfloor Cafe is quiet and unassuming, perfect for a weekend breakfast, or a coffee date and a quick catch-up. The rustic and homely vibe made us feel right at home, with wooden tables set inside the restaurant and outside on the sidewalk of Stanley Street. It’s the ideal space for a quick breakfast on the weekend in your takkies and slacks, or for a smart lunch with your girlfriends.

As the morning was sunny with a slight chill in the air, we sat in a corner of the cafe and our Women’s Day breakfast started with two flat whites (each R22) – the perfect start to any day! It was a particularly good start, as the strong, steaming cappuccinos woke us up, and soon enough we were ready for some food. Arnold ordered the full breakfast (R55) while I ordered the eggs benedict (R39). Eggs benedict is my favourite breakfast meal, but so often I’m disappointed with what I’m served – either the English muffin isn’t freshly made, or the hollandaise sauce isn’t quite right. I got lucky with my visit to Groundfloor Cafe, as the restaurant is known for its lip-smacking eggs benedict. I ordered the eggs benedict without bacon and extra garnishes, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the dish. Arnold really enjoyed his ‘ordentlike’ full breakfast, which really did look like a typical farm breakfast; something you’d expect to be served in a country kitchen. The coffee was so good, we each ordered another cup to enjoy with the rest of our meal.

Groundfloor Cafe’s service, steaming coffee, and simple menu will keep you coming back for more coffee dates and breakfast. A must-visit for PE food fanatics!

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