The Blogging Bride Diaries: planning, preparation and a bit of panic

As I’m writing this, I’ve remembered that I still need to design our save the dates, I need to pay the deposit for the makeup artist, and we need to look at the quotes for photographers piled up in my inbox. But just when I feel like I’m organised and that I’ve achieved a great deal, I remember that there is still so much that I need to do – from choosing bridesmaid dresses and finding my own dress, to booking a florist, a DJ and choosing a wedding cake design! It can be a little bit difficult not to panic at the thought of the enormous task ahead of us! And while we have eight months to get everything done, time goes by so quickly, especially when there are many decisions waiting to be made, and details competing for my attention!

That being said, in our first official month of wedding planning, we have already ticked off a few items on our checklist – we planned and executed a successful engagement party, we’ve booked a beautiful venue, we’ve got a graphic designer on board to design our wedding stationery, and I’ve booked a makeup artist for my bridal party. 

Little bits of inspiration 

If you know me well, you may know that I’m hopelessly indecisive, and even when I have finally made a decision, I struggle with the ‘what ifs’ and I always question whether I have made the right choice. This has made the wedding planning process a little bit difficult, especially when it comes to finding inspiration and keeping all my thoughts in one place. As an indecisive bride-to-be, I have been making the most of Majestic Wedding’s inspiration boards. In order to keep all my thoughts and ideas in one place, I’ve created inspiration boards using my Majestic Weddings account, with a board for decor, bridesmaid dresses, colour scheme, hairstyles – the list goes on! With so many ideas in my head, my inspiration boards have helped me to pinpoint exactly what I like, helping me to envision the overall theme, look and feel I would like to create for the big day. The best part is that I can print my inspiration boards, save them as PDF files, or show them to my wedding suppliers from the app on my phone.

Wedding Planning

A little sneak peak of my inspiration boards. I think it is safe to say I’m super organised now, right?


A ‘to do’ for the ‘I do’! 

With my inspiration boards in order, I’ve been able to put together a to do list , with a timeline of what needs to be done every month for the next eight months. I’ve made use of the wedding to-do list in my summer copy of my Majestic Weddings magazine. The comprehensive list features absolutely everything a bride needs to do for her wedding – all the way from 6 months before the wedding, to the day before the big ‘I do’. I’ve also made use of my favourite tool on the wedding website – the online to do list. This list has everything you could possibly need to do or keep in mind when planning a wedding. You can put each task in a separate folder, so that you can keep track of what you need to do, what needs to be done in the next seven days, and which tasks you have completed. You can access your to do list at home on your computer, or when you’re out meeting with wedding suppliers, which means that you’ve always got access to it. 

Wedding planning to do list

I got 99 things to do, but creating a to do list ain’t one of them!

I have felt emotional looking at everything that has to be done. Is it because I’m stressed? It may be because I’m a little bit overwhelmed, but more than that, I’m overcome with emotion because I’m at excited for the day when we finally get to say that we are married!

P.S. The winter edition of Majestic Weddings is out, and it features lots of inspiration and articles, including a beautiful, uniquely styled shoot which is perfect for unconventional brides! If you’re getting married, you can get your free copy at any one of these outlets. 

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