5 Favourites To Try at Savages Fine Food in Port Elizabeth

We all have a few favourites that we order time and time again when we dine out at a restaurant. These five foods and drinks happen to be my favourite things to order when I visit Savages Fine Food in Park Drive, Port Elizabeth. These menu items come highly recommended, so give them a try the next time you find yourself at this top PE restaurant!

Warning: some of these foods and drinks are highly addictive – you’ll definitely be back for more!

a sweet and sensational turkish delight milkshake

This is my favourite item on the menu at Savages! The turkish delight milkshake perfectly mimics the taste of this sweet jelly confection, with the taste of rosewater coming through strongly. Vanilla ice cream, milk and rose syrup are blended together to make this cold drink, and each milkshake is topped with pieces of turkish delight.

a steaming hot flat white

After I shared a blog post on where to go for a good cup of coffee in PE, one of my followers suggested I try the coffee at Savages – and I’m so glad that I did! Savages serves a super cup of coffee, and as a fan of flat whites, I can say with conviction that this is my new favourite spot for a flat white.

a pretty pastry (or two)

Sweet, flaky pastries are my weakness! The croissants are my favourite, but Savages’ assortment of cakes and tarts are just as delicious.

the savages florentine breakfast

Looking for a filling and tasty brekkie on a Saturday morning? Then the Florentine Breakfast is the answer to your grumbling tummy’s prayers! The Florentine is a breakfast of two poached eggs on toast, with mushrooms and creamed spinach. You’ll walk away feeling full, but not so full that you feel that you’ve overindulged. The creamed spinach is absolutely delicious, and the poached eggs are cooked to perfection!

veranda pink lemonade

I have a confession to make: I haven’t actually tried this one. This is a favourite I’m recommending based on the opinion of my trusty friend/fellow foodie lover. This pretty pink drink is made with lemons, sugar, berries and water, and while my friend described it as more lemony than sweet, it is (according to her) a rather refreshing drink. I’m a sucker for pink drinks, so I’ll be ordering this the next time I’m at Savages!


Do you have any favourites you like to enjoy at Savages? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram, or drop me an email.Β 

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