Joining a women’s only gym

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience of a women’s only gym and not a professional opinion. Before starting a new exercise routine or joining a new gym, please consult your doctor. 

I’ve never been someone who enjoys exercise, but I’ve always acknowledged that exercise is important for my health. And so, at the end of last year, after joining a local gym and cancelling my membership twice, I decided that I would try something different – a women’s only gym – Curves. I wanted to share my experience with you because finding a good gym where you feel comfortable can be challenging. If you’re thinking about joining this gym, I hope this blog post helps you to decide whether signing up for a Curves contract is the right choice for you!

The workout

The Curves exercise programme is a 30-minute workout, which includes a warm up, a combination of exercises on machines and resting stations, a cool down, and stretches at the end. While 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, you’d be surprised to see (and feel) how much exercise can be done in a short period of time. During the workout, you go around the circuit twice, and in between working out on the machines, there are recovery stations, where you can stretch or do cardio. Every month, one of the Curves coaches does a weigh and measure to help you keep track of your weight-loss, and to show you what you have achieved and what areas you can improve on.

The smart system

Every member can opt to join the Curves Smart system, where you get a gym tag that you put into a slot in each machine when you work out. The machines keep a record of how efficiently you are working out, and at the end of the workout, the smart system reads your card and gives you feedback on your workout – calories burned, the muscles you have worked out, the fitness goals you’ve reached, etc.

My Curves experience

I am a member at the Curves club in Walmer, but there are a number of clubs in Port Elizabeth (there is one at Greenacres and Walker Drive). I joined last year in October, which means that I’ve been gymming at Curves for almost eight months. When I first joined the gym, I sat down with one of the coaches and discussed my weight-loss goals and what I wanted to achieve over the next two years. The coach weighed me and wrote down my meausurments so that we could start documenting my fitness journey.

While I’ve only lost 3 kilograms, I’ve lost a lot of centimetres, and I’ve seen a difference in the way my body looks. My arms are looking trimmer, my legs are looking leaner, and I’m starting to feel confident about my body again.

I’ve really enjoyed working out with the smart system – it’s helpful and encouraging to see what I have achieved after each workout. The system also keeps track of how many times I’ve worked out in a month, helping me to keep track of my attendance.

Having someone to hold me accountable by doing a weigh and measure is difficult – and sometimes it’s frustrating and annoying – but in the end, it really helps you to stick to the programme and to make sure you go to the gym as often as possible.

The best part about working out at Curves is the supportive community and the positive atmosphere of the gym. The ladies at the gym are friendly and encouraging – they spur you on when you’re struggling to exercise, and they celebrate your victories with you.

what to consider before joining

If you’re thinking about joining Curves, here are some things to consider before you book a consultation.

DO join curves if:

  • You’re looking for a supportive exercise environment
  • Have a realistic, long-term weight-loss goal
  • Want to keep the weight off
  • Want to feel comfortable when exercising
  • Want someone to hold you accountable and keep track of your weight-loss journey

Don’t join curves if:

  • Your goal is to lose a lot of weight in a short period time
  • You want to follow your own exercise programme
  • You like to mix it up and try different machines and exercise classes

By sharing my experience, I hope that I’ve inspired you to either join a local Curves club or find a fitness programme that is perfect for you!

For more information about Curves and their workout programme, you can visit their website

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