Where to go for a good cup of coffee in PE

Coffee is the first thing that touches my lips in the morning. It’s a pick-me-up at work when I need a boost of energy. It’s my drink of choice when catching up with a friend. It’s the drink I most like to photograph for Instagram.

I think it’s safe to say that coffee plays an important role in my life – and I’m not alone! I’m sure that there are many coffee lovers out there who would agree with me when I say that it’s not only about what coffee you drink, but where you drink it too. I’m always on the hunt for coffee shops in PE that have a good vibe and atmosphere. The next time you’re craving a good cup of coffee and a pretty view to go with it, I’d suggest you try one of these top Port Elizabeth coffee shops. And when you do, take a pic and tag me in the photo on Facebook or Instagram so I can see you enjoying your hot steamy cup of coffee!


Situated in the heart of Walmer, Brioche is a beautiful spot for a cup of coffee. The coffee shop sells a good, strong cup of coffee, and you can enjoy your hot beverage with a delicious breakfast or lunch from their menu, which includes some amazing gluten-free and vegetarian options!

vovo telo

A favourite among many Port Elizabethans, Vovo Telo is my all time favourite when it comes to coffee. A cup of Vovo Telo coffee is best enjoyed out on the veranda, which boasts a stunning view of Richmond Hill’s charming architecture.

friendly stranger

This local coffee shop is set in the city’s favourite hangout – the Baakens Valley. The coffee shop has a cool and quirky vibe, with coffees served in an eclectic assortment of mugs and cups.

jack’s bagels

Jack’s Bagels isn’t only known for its delicious bagels – their coffee is pretty great too! Best enjoyed with one of their bagels or yummy breakfasts, as a takeaway or a sit down.

rhubarb and lime

Situated near St. George’s Park, Rhubarb and Lime has been serving fresh coffee since it opened its doors in 2012. And now you can enjoy your Rhubarb and Lime coffee with a meal from their new menu (I’d recommend their Apple Jacks – they’re so tasty).

just knead more on main

Situated on Main Road in Walmer, Just Knead More on Main is a bakery and cafe that serves a mean cup of coffee. Their brew goes well with a slice of one of their scrumptious cakes. If it were up to me, I’d indulge in a slice of their lemon meringue tart every day!

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