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Fresh ingredients and easy recipes delivered to your door with Daily Dish

At the last ECMeetup, every attendee received a voucher for a local company called Daily Dish. I was curious about a company that claimed they could deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to cook a selection for recipes weekly; a company in Cape Town that could deliver ingredients to my home in Port Elizabeth every Monday, and guarantee that every ingredient would be fresh and delicious. I didn’t buy it – until I signed up and received my first dinner box.

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Coffee and handbag

5 reasons to leave the comfort of your bed this winter and pay The Ploughman in Port Elizabeth a visit

The weather may be warming up, but that doesn’t mean all of us are quite ready to leave the comfort of our warm beds on the weekend. That being said, I’ve found an excuse for you to get out of bed, swop your pyjamas for your warm winter coat, and get out of the house – a visit to Port Elizabeth’s new foodie spot, The Ploughman.

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